Bao-Linh Nguyen

Year Joined: 2010

Field: History, Linguistics, Education

Fun Fact: Speaks 5+ languages

Dream Lion: Black, copper, mint, lavender color palette Fut San with ram's fur

Bao-Linh is our team's liaison to the USA Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association, and over the last 12 years has worked to build genuine relationships and connections between our team and other lion dance teams in the OC community and around the world. She is particularly interested in fostering the artistic traditions of lion dance in the United States, and often does work to repair and restore equipment and costumes for our own team as well as neighboring teams in the area. Bao-Linh has a Master's of Science in Applied Linguistics from the University of Oxford and brings her professional training in pedagogy, education, history, and language to celebrate and pass on the cultural values and significance of lion dance.